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About Us

MJTM GLOBAL ENTERPRISES LLC S.A.F.e (MJTM) management philosophy is based on responsibility and mutual respect. People who come to MJTM want to work here because we have created an environment that encourages creativity and achievement.


MJTM aims to become a leader in the automotive industry providing for any company that deals with the public an effective way in real time safety measures for any sales-force.. The mainstay of our strategy will be to offer a level of client focus that is superior to that offered by no other competitors.

To help achieve this objective, MJTM  seeks to attract highly motivated individuals that want to work as a team and share in the commitment, responsibility, risk taking and discipline required to achieve our vision.


Part of attracting these special individuals will be to build a culture that promotes both uniqueness and a bias for action. While we will be realistic in setting goals and expectations, MJTM will also be aggressive in reaching its objectives.


This success will in turn enable MJTM  to give its employees above average compensation and innovative benefits or rewards, key elements in helping us maintain our leadership position in the worldwide marketplace.

Why join MJTM Global Enterprises S.A.F.e


MLM Companies

 MLM  (Multi Level Marketing) is defined as a business opportunity that provides a large

commission for selling someone a business opportunity.

MJTM- You will have true earnings potential, no one needs to join your

team, and your opportunity of being your own boss is based ONLY on

your efforts.


MLM – Most people you talk to won’t join your business opportunity.

MJTM – This business if based only on you selling a product not getting people

to join your business.


MLM – Require you to be a sponsor and use you, and not do anything to

build your business, nor do they stick around very long.

MJTM – You are an independent contractor and you build your business with the

assistance of upper managers of the company.


MLM – You can build a large organization and lose it over night (If some

leaders decide to join a different company and take their downline with them or if

your company goes away or closes down.

MJTM – Our product has been in the market for over 6 years and is just now on

the verge of being a 4.9 billon dollar industry, our focus is on ONE product not

5-10 products that every other MLM company is selling, and MJTM has the only

product of its kind to date.


MLM – It takes a long time to earn a large residual income in a traditional

network marketing company, in most companies it takes the sponsor several

years to earn several thousand dollars in commissions off that person.


MJTM- Based upon your minimal efforts in your 2nd month of residual income can

be $2,000. 00. Selling a product only.


MLM – In order for you to make a few thousand dollars per month in

traditional MLM, You normally need an organization with 1,000 or more people

(customers and distributors) who are ordering the products every month.

MJTM – No ordering of products every month, you determine your income alone.


MLM – High Startup costs



MLM – To earn large commissions traditional MLM companies would

probably take you 2-5 years, if you stay around that long.

MJTM – You can earn large residual income your 1st year.


MLM – Traditional MLM companies take several years to build a large

residual income, since the profits are so small, you have to build a large

organization worth a traditional MLM company.  

MJTM – You can earn immediate income from day one. (Our Goal on our product

is 25 a month, in your 3rd month of residual income will be $16,312.44 that month

if you stopped you would get that amount every month until the customer decides

to end the account ((NO CHARGE BACKS IF THEY CANCEL)).


MLM – In a traditional MLM company, poor retention is one of the biggest

issues distributors have to deal with.

MJTM – With our focus on the product we retain our salesforce because of the

pay-plan and true advancement.


MLM – In a traditional MLM company you end up baby-sitting grown adults,

complaining about why they can’t build a business, or how they are financially

destitute, unemployed or broke to pay all the enrollment fees.

MJTM – NO ENROLLMENT FEE, (The only month cost you will have is your

platform so you can track your money, $20.00-$30.00 a month and this comes out

of your commissions/ residual income).


MLM – Competition with the same product that mostly all MLM companies


MJTM – No one has our product ANYWHERE, no competitors


MLM –Top MLM companies offer income potential during the first few


MJTM – We offer Income potential during your first few months.


MLM – Very complexing pay-plan, only the top producers of the company is

making money, you have so many levels your downline have to meet in order for

your advancement.

MJTM– Our pay-plan is straight forward, there is a % grid you get paid on, it

changes depending on your sales, the more you sell the higher your %,

advancement is made within the company when you reach a certain sales level

,you have the option of taking a promotion or not. (You still retain your residual

income when you get promoted.)


MLM – A big struggle for MLM companies is that they get involved and don’t

have a good coach to help them market their business; they sign up and never

hear from their sponsor again.

MJTM – We have dedicated managers that follow up and assist in training and

give you guidance to be more successful with our company.


MLM – Stressful

MJTM – All you have to do is focus on making sales, you have no one to train, or

help them build their business, no one to babysit, and we have almost taken the

human element out. You are you own success story.


MLM – A lot of MLM companies are normally no physical products involved,

many of these companies are selling a SERVICE such as coaching, seminars and

training or they are selling digital products.  Another is large startup costs,

spending thousands and not knowing what you are really getting for your money

but a business opportunity.

MJTM – Our Company have a product, great service, and it has value for anyone.

Our MLM company is only for the true entrepreneur that with you own individual

efforts this will be life changing.



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