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I would like to say thank you for visiting my page for hiring soon, I am looking for 100 people to be ready to go to work as their own BOSS! I will give you all the tools you need all you have to do is your JOB.


We will provide you with the following when hired…

1.       The training day will be one week Monday- Friday from 10-5

2.      All candidates must pass the test quiz by 90% to become an NC-UCBGR Inspector

3.      You will have one company Jacket

4.      You will have 3 Company Shirts

5.      You will be provided a Tablet with our app on it (tablet optional)

6.      We will assign you a region to work in


If you are still interested…..

v  Click on the more tab from the desktop right corner

v  Click on the file share

v  You now have to sign-up using your email address create a password

v  Once that done click back on the file share

Now you have access, review the file called – (Download this file)     



This gives you full job description, How the job will be done, what is required of you, how you get paid and the pay-plan. 

I also have videos that you can watch that will give you a better insight on our company. Review this website this is Phase II 

coming soon.


Any questions reach out to me, Thank you

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company shirt.jpg
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