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The platform allows you all the function to monitor the S.A.F.e including the mobile application for businesses. 

Business - Platform

  • WHEREAS, the Service Provider is in the business of development, supply and operation of products and services relating to S.A.F.e {Salesforce Alert Fob everyone & Platform monitoring}


    WHEREAS, this Agreement contains the Service Provider's terms of engagement;

    {Monthly, pricing subject to change in 90 days for future clients, this agreement locks your pricing cost for no increase when the change occurs}.   


    NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants and agreements herein contained, the parties hereto, intending, to be legally bound, agree as follows:





    Service Provider is prepared to provide the following professional services to Company: ___________________________





    • Fees for professional services are calculated on the time spent by Service Provider associates and staff attending to said services, multiplied by the relevant monthly rate. Time is costed by reference to 1-20 S.A.F.e units. The monthly rate is applied to all monitoring up to 20 units done on Company's behalf,
    • The cost per S.A.F.e unit is $120.00 ( There is no more cost to unit you own them)

    The Package per safe includes the following

    • S.A.F.e
    • Charger
    • Carrying Case
    • Neck strap lanyard
    • Box
    • The monthly rate for Platform monitoring professional service is $599.99.

    {If paid annually discount of $100.00 off monthly to $499.99 x12 = $6000.00 paid in full.}

    • Phone app included at no cost


    • Before any bill is sent to Company, the Service Provider's Project Manager responsible for the matter will review it to ensure those fees and other charges are appropriate.







    • Billing occurs at the end of each month with the description of work performed during that month.


    • Bills are payable within [NUMBER] days of the date of invoice.




    If Company does not pay a bill sent by Service Provider or complies with a request for payment in advance within [5] days after the invoice is sent or the request is made, Service Provider may immediately stop acting for Company.





    Service Provider will provide upon request the itemized details of the fees and costs incurred so far and an estimate of the work, fees and costs payable to complete the matter.



    • TERMINATION BY YOUR COMPANY NAME______________________________________________________


    Company may terminate this agreement by giving Service Provider a written notice at any time and will be liable for all fees incurred up to that time. If Company does not provide such a notice, it will be obliged to pay all fees and for other charges incurred.



    • TERMINATION BY COMPANY NAME____________________________________________________________


    Service Provider may terminate this agreement and stop acting for Company if:


    • Company does not comply with this Agreement;


    • Service Provider forms the opinion, on reasonable grounds, that mutual confidence and trust do not exist between both parties; or


    • Service Provider believes on reasonable grounds that, by continuing to act for Company, it may breach the professional conduct rules which are binding upon professionals in the automotive industry.



    IN WITNESS WHEREOF, each party to this agreement has caused it to be executed at _________________________ on the date indicated above.

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