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“Dealerships simply can not afford to risk the well-being of their employees and their businesses.”

Heightened expectations from both consumers and regulators are increasing the need for strong, centralized risk and compliance organizations in the automotive industry. Regulatory agencies, such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency, have increased the size of their staffs to monitor compliance in the automotive industry, and are under public and legislative scrutiny to increase the volume and severity of industry enforcement activity.

Simply put - dealerships simply can not afford to risk the well-being of their employees or their businesses. As a result of the heightened consumer and regulatory expectations, what we are seeing today is the rapid evolution and maturation of organizational governance structures overseeing compliance and safety. 

Although the industry is still in the early stages of that evolution, it is absolutely essential to have a strong and organizationally independent compliance initiative that actively oversees, monitors and validates effectiveness in compliance, safety programs and processes in all areas of day-to- day operation.

Structural independence and senior level authority sends an unmistakably strong message that the automotive industry is serious about compliance and safety and leaves no ambiguity for how employees should act in situations involving their safety. S.A.F.e provides safety, security and protection for every automotive sales-force that is dealing with day-to- day unknowns. S.A.F.e is focusing on creating a new level of security for sales force, dealer, customer and investor communities, by delivering innovative offerings and multiple technologies across expanding geographies.

Real Stories

April 26, 2016

Police: Carl Gregory employee kidnapped during test drive


Columbus Police are now looking for three suspects accused of kidnapping a 39-year-old female employee from a Carl Gregory car dealership on Victory Dr.

Officials say the incident occurred at around 5:30 p.m. on April 26.

According to the police, a female employee went on a test drive with a man whom she thought was a customer.

Police said as the two went on a drive, a vehicle came behind the test car and stopped the car.

Authorities said two suspects armed with guns and wearing masks got out of their vehicle and entered the test car.

July 29, 2015


A Concord dealership employee claims that an unidentified man kidnapped him and stole a 2015 Chevy van during what was supposed to be a test drive of the vehicle. Allegedly, when the man started off on the test drive, he informed the employee that he was actually stealing the car and taking the employee with him. The supposed victim was able to escape when the 2 stopped in Pittsburgh and members of the Antioch police force were able to apprehend the suspect later that day. He was charged with theft of a vehicle, kidnapping, and resisting arrest. this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

January 05, 2016


Tuesday, January 05, 2016


Authorities are searching for two men who kidnapped a car salesman during a car test drive in southwest Houston.

Now, that victim, 22-year-old Jose Martinez, is speaking with ABC-13. Martinez is bruised, bloodied, and has a broken nose. He talked to Eyewitness News less than 24 hours after being kidnapped.

"It's crazy. It's crazy as hell. I didn't think it was a real," Martinez said.

Martinez told reporter Courtney Fischer there were three suspects, not two as Houston police initially reported, who were involved.

Around 6pm on Monday, Martinez says a man walked inside a Gillman Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram dealership in the 10500 block of West Sam Houston Parkway and asked to test drive a Dodge Challenger.

at's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

October 25, 2016

Kidnapping, robbery of Myrtle Beach auto dealer during test drive

An auto salesman found running down the middle of a Myrtle Beach street in handcuffs told police that he had been kidnapped by two men who asked to take a car on a test drive, according to a police report.The man told police he was held at gunpoint inside the car as they drove around town before he managed to escape.

They found the victim, an employee at a local auto dealership, running down the middle of the street in camouflage handcuffs, according to the report.

The victim told police the men came into the dealership and said they wanted to test -drive a vehicle, but did not have their driver’s licenses with them. The victim agreed he would drive them to a nearby store to show the car to the wife of one of the men, the report stated.

When they arrived at the store, the victim said he felt two guns on the back of his neck, and the men then put him in handcuffs. He said Harris then got into the driver’s seat 

April 07, 2015

Carjacking Knife Pulled On Salesperson

Decatur-Avondale Estates, GA

By JUSTIN OVE (Patch Staff) 


According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Eric Butler, 28, was the

man who pulled a knife on a car sales person during a test drive of a white GMC Yukon

Denali owned by Carnections off of Mountain Industrial Boulevard in Tucker.



DeKalb County police are investigating a carjacking at a Tucker

car dealership which led to an officer-involved shooting in Gwinnett

County on Monday.

According to WSB-TV, police say that the suspect was taking the white

GMC Yukon Denali out for a test drive from Carnections off of Mountain Industrial

Boulevard when he pulled a knife on the salesman and forced him out of the vehicle.

The salesman got out of the car and called police, prompting a chase once responding

officers caught sight of the SUV.

The suspect led DeKalb police into Gwinnett County, eventually being brought to a stop on West Park Place Boulevard, WSB-TV said. When the suspect began

ramming four police cars with the SUV, an officer or officers opened fire on the SUV.

Police told WSB-TV that the suspect suffered gunshot wounds to the

chest or torso and is in critical but stable condition at a Gwinnett County hospital. The

GBI will investigate the shooting incident.

June 06, 2015

Salesperson carjacked at gunpoint during a test drive



A salesman selling a nearly $100,000 sports car was carjacked at gunpoint during a test drive near St. Augustine Saturday. During the test drive of a replica 1965 Ford Shelby Cobra, the suspect

told the salesman he wanted to show the car to a friend to get a second opinion of the vehicle.

As the salesman turned the car off the highway, the suspect allegedly took out a gun and ordered the salesman to stop the car and exit the vehicle.

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