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Realtor Beverly Carter Abducted and Murdered

Published on Oct 5, 2014

Beverly Carter, the realtor that was kidnapped and murdered, was found buried in a shallow grave.We look at the forensic evidence that has connected Aaron Lewis to Carter, and what is next for the investigation, plus we discuss the safety of realtors meeting unknown clients in this excerpt from the Crime Time episode with Jim Clemente.

Two More Real Estate Agents Killed

Uploaded on Sep 27, 2010 This is my 2nd posting in just a few weeks about the dangers real estate agents and for-sale-by-owners face in todays market.

Ashley Okland

Uploaded on Apr 11, 2011

Police Search For Real Estate Agent's Killer

Murder mystery surrounding Mesa real estate agent

Published on Dec 15, 2011

Two years later, police are still looking for suspects

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