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Our Commitment

Our Partnership Program

MJTM Global Enterprises S.A.F.e partnership programs works with any school, these partnerships provide the monetary resources that are needed for curriculum-based opportunities to students, staff, and parents. These partnerships allow business and community members to connect schools with the monetary resources in providing literacy, math, social studies, finance, fine arts, science, health, and physical education experiences to students who may otherwise not have the opportunity. The result is a richer educational experience while preparing our students to be well-rounded citizens.  


Safety first always be prepared

Since college and university campuses are generally more crime-free than the general public, many schools tout their records on college campus safety with pride. For certain schools that are closely related in terms of location, the difference will often focus on campus safety as a way to win more students.


To do this, many schools offer short seminars from campus safety officers’ right in the residence halls.

Here students can learn ways to prevent potential crime situations, as well as what to do in the event that you are the victim of a crime.


Many changes come with your move to college, and these changes are often what will foster your own personal growth and lead to experiences that you will look back on fondly for the rest of your life. From learning new social skills, to broadening your ability to think critically, to just plain having fun, college can be an adventure. Like any adventure, though, staying safe is important. 

Your complete campus safety involves a number of different aspects. From simply locking your door to protecting your possessions, to knowing an escape route in case of a fire, it always helps to plan ahead. After all, your biggest advantages in staying safe are preparation and prevention. Your biggest advantage is taking control of the situation when you can.


Student Alert Fob everyone

Our requirements are simple: 

  • Our partnership must provide a benefit to the school, and is mutually beneficial to the parents through cause-related incidents that may occur while their children are away from home.

  • We define our partnership throughout the school year, which we feel is the minimum for a partner relationship.

  • The partnership activities must fulfill a need for the school in regarding the safety of each and every student.

The key to a success is finding where a school's needs and the resources of a business intersect and can be implemented in a mutually beneficial manner. MJTM GLOBAL ENTERPRISES S.A.F.e wants to and can partner with an individual school, multiple schools or, for some businesses, with the entire district.



District wide partnerships must be able to support the safety guidelines we help to bring at a district level or at all schools. 


Our Monetary Commitment

What makes sense for MJTM Global Enterprise is to make a financial commitment to the education system, because today's students are tomorrow's workforce.


We see this as an investment in their Safety and the future of any school.

That is why from every sale of the S.A.F.e, $10.00 is given back to the school.

On the 5th and the 20th of the month 10% of the platform fee will be given back to such school every month for the entirety of the S.A.F.e program.

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